3… 2…. 1….

Aaaannnddd we’re back!

Welcome to the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s Monday morning’s Weekly Forecast.
This week’s Monday forecast gives insight as to what is to be expected this week on the blog. See something you like? Then make sure to find your way back here to follow up on the headlines.

The week’s forecast looks a little combusted. Lots of little stories make up for a big sweeping storm with flurries of information all throughout the week. It’s looking sunny out, positive happenings all throughout the desert, from east to west, the desert has an array of events going on, all week long. The CVAS seems to be going through a bit of a transitional period as well. Transitioning form the cooler Fall temperatures that we just experienced into the hot summer peaking points that we can all start preparing for. There is expected to be many upgrades and changes to the blog… similar to our weather.

Bulletins of things that shall be forecasted:

1. Interviews. Still working on them. Got a few more this week. And the ones that I am working for next week are RAD. Just RAD. Big up s to Daikon Ecletic for putting me on to one of the artists that shall be featured. This week, Steven Preston is on to another project…. come see what it’s all about and maybe you might wanna get involved???

2. Skate Videos. I miss them too. So, I’m bringing them back. desert kids know how to skate and they are damn good at it. Coachella Valley skaters just make the desert even that much hotter.

3. Ace Hotel. Speaking of skaters… I wanna take the time on the blog to point out a cool dude with attitude that goes by the name of Evan Hecox. I saw on Epidemic’s blog that Evan Hecox, who is an illustrator for Chocolate Skateboard, is designing a bunch of posters and has been photographing the desert for Ace Hotel. Thought that was kinda cool, and thought you might think that information is cool too. So, anyways, come back to find out what all this mumbo jumbo means.

4. Monster Mash Mondays. Are you extreme? Are you a cyclist? Then you need to start coming to this. Check out Johnny 5000’s blog for more details: www.fivethousandphotography.blogspot.com.

5. Twitts. Ya know… twitter is so like… weird. But, it’s there. And it’s pretty useful. So, I thought you guys might like it if I point out some twitters that I love to follow. All local, all loco, all the time.

6. Hi Desert to El Paseo. The art scene is popping off from one point to the other. Come on the blog to see where it’s crack a lackin.

7. The Usuals. FREE: Films, Events, Music and Things 2 Do Thursdays. You know deal, yo.

Thanks for reading the blog once again….
if you wanna share anything or suggest anything, please do!