Good Morning Monday.

Feeling a little tired this Monday morning? So was I. Looked into my crystal ball for some guidance, and discovered that it is Mercury Retrograde. Great. That explains a lot.

So, in going with the flow, this week on the blog we are taking it a bit easy and simplifying it for the week ahead. This, of course, is not to say that it will be boring or bland on the blog.. just fewer subjects. This is to prepare us for the next couple of months and changes.

This week on the CVAS blog looks like it will be around the Joshua Tree Music Festival (which takes place this weekend!). From the acts, to camping, to the crafts… we will cover a bit of everything. Plus much more. There is a lot going on the art world around the valley. So stay on the blog to stay in the loop:

1. Joshua Tree Music Festival. This week we go into detail about what is going down at the music festival! We’re pumped and ready for the fest, how about you?

2. The Coachella Valley Art Scene at Coachella! Hey we posted a link for all to check out what teh Coachelal Valley Art Scene did at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. As many of you know, the CVAS blog was asked to manage the Coachella Art Studios that took place in the camping section of the blog. The direct link to the fun is in the top right hand site of this website under The Art Directory and the sub header, “The CVAS blog at Coachella”. Click the image and click away. Or just click right here:

3. Things You Might Have Missed. This past weekend had so much stuff going on that I am sure you missed something fun. From the west side of the valley to the east side of the valley, it seemed like everyone was up to something once the sun set. I took my camera around to all the events I went to, and these could have been the events that maybe you couldn’t make it out to. Come see what you might have missed…. really funny stuff.

4. Skate Videos. New skate video I found that I wanna share with you guys. Can’t wait. Come back, pronto.

5. Schmoozers, movers and good-doers. We are still working on our community art project. More details coming soon. Don’t be shy to suggest someone!

6. Recession Proof. Not only is the CVAS blog “green friendly” with out non-printing selves, but we also aren’t planning on going out of business anytime soon. The recession can’t faze us. Only makes us stronger. If you are talented, got some skills, are open to the idea of sharing with other people on the Internet…. then contact us. We will give you something to do! We have lots of jobs here at the CVAS and would love to hear from people that are interested in contributing. Interested? Email me.
7. Randoms. You never know what the Internet can bring you… so, I will leave all misc blog posts in the “random” zone. With the Mercury in Retrograde and all… you never know what is going to happen. Keep an eye out for flying saucers.

8. The usuals. A little party here, one over there… that’s how we do it in the 760. Come back on Things 2 Do Thursdays to get the full helping of all the info on where the local parties are at. And don’t forget about Wednesday’s FREE: Films, Events, Music, where you can find out where all the cool artsy fartsy, cultural stuff is at.

Thanks for reading. This week is gonna be fun. Stay tuned ya’ll! And if you have any questions, comments, concerns, and/or inquiries.