It’s those mundane Mondays that are the worst.
The ones that you wake up to after an awesome weekend and the ones that seem really crappy in comparison to the next one (Memorial Day-off Monday). Yeah, tthhoossee Mondays.
Just so happens, that this Monday is one of those Mondays. Darn. Well, it also just so happens that the remaining of this week looks as if it’s not going to be so mundane. In fact, the blog looks quite exciting and a bunch of surprises should be popping up all over the place.
Get that extra shot of espresso down the shooter and gear up for the week ahead here on the blog. Fun is definitely in your future.
The crystal balls predicts:
1. Downloads. Nothing is better than free. Right? Hence the blog that I started for free that you read for free. Cool, but it’s always funner to take it to the next level… this week on the blog we are getting a little bit more interactive with all of our “free offerings”. The CVAS blog is going to be providing you free links to download free music and free podcasts this week… all from local artists, all of them good. Come back for that. You just can’t loose.
2. Some Things You Might Have Missed This Past Weekend. This last weekend was crack-a-lackin’! Party over here… party over there. Share your party experience here. email me anything that you would email your mom to
3. Healing Arts. What’s an arts blog without a Healing Arts post? Not a very good one. This week we are exploring that side of the arts worlds that very little amounts of people tap into… or can tap into…
4. Palm Spring Arts Museum. The PSAM is reaching out to local teens… and it sounds pretty cool. If all teenagers started hanging out in art galleries our future world might just be a more prettier place.
5. Anti-Prom. Speaking of teens… it is prom season, whether we like to really think about it or not. There is however, a really awesome prom that is held by really awesome people, for really awesome people. This would be the Anti-Prom. More info coming soon.
6. Artist Associations. If you read this blog, you probably like art, are an artist, are a fan, or all of the above. Well, I thought it might be helpful if I linked you up with more like-minded people like yourself. Come back to see who what and where all the local art associations of the desert are.
7. Art From Around the Way. Been moseying around on the Internet lately, been seeing a lot of cool art made by the locals of the 760. I am going to have fun with this one. See what the local kids are up to.
8. Twitters. Ya know… after I posted that post last week about Twitter peeps that I like to follow, I got a ton more twitter followers… and they were all really cool profiles. So, that only leads to one thing… another post about other twitter pages that I love to follow.
Oh man, I am such a geek.
9. Art Events. I will be highlighting the ones that I think are really awesome.
10. The Usuals. FREE: Films, Events, Music + Things 2 Do Thursdays is going to be jam packed this weekend. Don’t be the only one outta the loop.
Thank you everyone for reading! If you ever want to share with me any questions, comments, questions, inquieries, ideas, abilities please email me at