A Multi-Media Story By:
Text, Photos, Video: Sarah of the CVAS Blog
Fahsion Photography: Luisa
Photos: Kil At Will
Radio Podcast: California Soul
The day was the 14th of June. Any other year, any other time, you would have dreaded the heat. But today was different. The weather was warm, not in the 100’s. In fact, the whole week had good weather, thanks to a nice wave of June gloom. But, this party at Ace Hotel was going to put an end to all that. This was the official party to kick off Summer 2009 in the Coachella Valley. This party was to be the party that everyone had been anticipating. Rumor was out that this Ace Hotel was the new cool spot to go to not only on Sunday afternoons, but at night for the superb Amigo Bar, super cute Photobooth, and tasty restaurant (that uses local farmers food).
I was looking forward to not only meeting up with a bunch of friends and drinking booze snow cones, but also checking out the DJ sets from DJ Day and DJ Magneto, plus a live set from one of the funnest local bands around town, Sol District. With all three of those acts on the lineup, I knew it was going to be a good one. Good tunes and vibes for all.
Stepped into the party around 4:30pm and this is how it all went down…

When I showed up DJ Magneato was already on the ones and twos, keeping the vibe upbeat and sexy.

So sexy that people starting jumping in the pool. And others got thrown in.

But, not everyone was choosing to get wet. There were a couple sailors that decided to stay on shore…

I was wandering throughout the party, and of course ran into who else but Alf Alpha, members of Slipping Into Darkness, and Steven Preston from the narly California Soul podcast.
Steven Preston didn’t waste anytime and busted out his mic and tape recorder and recorded a live show right at Ace Hotel’s Short Bus party! It was fun. The CVAS blog even got on the mic a little.

To listen to the podcast, CLICK HERE!
You will love it. It’s a great audio podcast of who, what, when, and where everything took place that day.

A lot was going on, all over the place. While California Soul was doing their thing, Sol District was doing theirs. And you know they do… girls were dancing all over the place for them. They are so lively and so perfect for a pool party. I swear every time I see them perform I think it is their “best performance I have ever seen them do.” Well, that’s the test of a good band, I guess. Sol District rocked the party and had everybody feeling good…

I was wandering around some more and ran into Danny from Hamburger Eyes. Let me tell you about this guy Danny. Danny is the man because the night before Sunday he jumped into the pool naked from the top of this like… plank. I don’t wanna say to much, but trust me in that he is down. So down, that he hooked it up with bad ass Hamburger Eyes books and T-shirts. I was way stoked. Thanks to everyone at Hamburger Eyes for tuning into the CVAS blog. You guys continue to inspire me. Here is a single photo that I took of the book. Look closely.

Strolling around some more with my boozie snow cone in hand and what do I see but I fashion photography photo shoot going down. Rad! Check out these photos from Luisa Ortega and Adam Moore, who together artistically go by the name LASF87.

Luisa and I were talking to this guy… he was pretty amazing. Back in the day this dude traveled with models, fashion photographers… basically, just lived the life.
Finger accessories are my absolute favorite and he had them nailed. A majority of these rings are from his times and travels in Tibet.

Luisa and Adam checking out their photos. Luisa later told me that the name for the shoot was “Time to Shine.” Fitting, right? I think so. Make sure to keep an eye out on these two. LASF87 will be featuring a ton more desert fashion photoshoots for the CVAS blog. Summer collabo 2009. =)

As Sol District finished up their set, I decided it would be a good time to take a walk around…
ran into these feet…

As soon as Sol District cleared the stage DJ Day jumped on the turntables. His song selection was on point. Dope reggae, dope hip hop, I was feelin’ it.
Don’t sleep on this upcoming party this Saturday with Eek-a-Mouse!

As DJ Day finished his set the day turned into night as well. Sun was setting and people were starting to call it a night. Sol District moved all their equipment and FreshMess started to pack up their turntables.

I walked outside the venue and saw the police had just rolled up…
so I headed back inside.

Police never came inside, but the party was over. It was around 7pm or so and everyone looked a little drained.

Once I walked back inside, I got a chance to talk to teh man who promoted teh event, Jay from Aesthetic Arrest. He is a real cool cat. He told me the good news that the event was a success and there will be more to come this summer. I dug it.
He also reminded about the show that is happening this Saturday at Ace Hotel with Eek-a-Mouse. Did I already mention that? Well, it’s worth mentioning it twice. We both agreed that show was going to be a success as well. Congrats Jay, your hard work paid off.

All in all – the party was amazing. Best thing is… it’s free, it’s during the day, it’s at a cool place, it’s welcoming to young people, and it’s all ages.
See you next Sunday!