Did everyone enjoy their Father’s Day? And to all the Fathers out there… did you enjoy your day?
Hope it was fun.
Because this week is heading in a completely different direction. This week really lacks that parental vibe to it. It”s going to be one of chaos. One that’s all over the place. One that is similar to a teen in their confused, but well-put together state. Is this making sense?
It doesn’t have to.
This week is all about fun and randomness and things going on all over the valley all weekend long.
So keep an eye out because thing will be popping in, up, and out all week.
And for all those who dreaded their teen years, and love a little structure to their everyday blog… don’t you worry. Next week will feature an amazing interview with an amazing musician that is an amazing friend in an amazing band. In a nut shell, it will be amazing.
So get ready for the unexpected this week.
Boom boom pow:
1. Skate Videos. I read on Epidemic’s blog that they are heading to a NY trip to do some cool photoshoots and all that for their next line. Pretty awesome. In the spirit of safe travels, I will be posting some of Epidemics sk8 vidz.
2. Nude Bowl. And in the spirit of posting skate videos from Epidemic, I thought I would post a really good documentary on an old school, super epic skate spot out in the middle of Desert Hot Springs. Circa the 1990’s. Big ups to Planet Lunch for sending me the video.
3. California Soul. The guys interviewed a new artist by the name of Deathwish. You gotta check this one out. Plus, I gotta post the interview/session they have with Sol District. Did you hear about that one? They all eat a rattlesnake together. Gross.
4. Eek-A-Mouse Pictures. The CVAS blog couldn’t make it to the event to do a super-cool Party Recap, but that doesn’t stop us from anything. We are currently in the process of collecting pictures. Soon to post, soon to boast.
5. The Short Film Fest. One of my favorite film festivals of the year! I love hoe you can pay for like 5 movies for the price of one. Rad! Another cool thing about the Palm Springs Short Film Festival is that you get a lot of upcoming producers and directors in there. I’ve seen some super rad stuff in the short film fest these past years… this one shouldn’t be any different. Stay tuned to see some flicks that the CVAS blog is going to pick.

6. Date Farmers + Shepard Farey. This weekend the Date Farmers will be showing their art at Shepard Farey’s art studio, Studio One. The Coachella Valley Art Scene will be on the scene, taking pictures, sipping wine, and eating all the cheese.

7. Randoms. Finders keepers, losers weepers. I got a bunch of tricks up my sleeve this week…
8. The ususals. There is a ton of daytime activities and nigh time parties all weekend long. Make sure to come back later today and tomorrow to get the scoop.
Thanks for reading! Any comments, questions, suggestions, just email me: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com