So let me explain my disapearing act from last week, mid-week…
I have been celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the blog of these past couple of days.  
But, don’t get it twisted and think that these days of celebration are full of days of relaxation.  No, no, no…. throughout these past couple of days of disapearance I have been getting tons of inspiration and new material for the CVAS blog.  I have been meeting up with people all over the community and have been brainstorming with people on how to really make the Coachella Valley’s lively art scene really pop.  I’m thinking more art shows, more events, more meet and greets, less mumbo-jumbo and more action.  Know what I mean?
So, know that I didn’t forget about cha.  In fact, working on the blog has been more on my mind than anything else.  
So, with all that being said… let’s get back on schedule and get it crackin’ here on the blog!!