This week will be a continuation and addition to last week. Going with the flow….
this week will dip further into the year anniversary of the blog going on for the entire month of July. Throughout the duration of this week, and the entire month of July, we will be reflecting on the blog’s past and giving sneak peaks into the future.
So, buckle your seat belts and put on your child safety lock because this is going to be a fun ride.

1. The CVAS Blog Year Recap. The blog started as just a site where you could find a list of all the parties in the desert… and it developed into something much bigger. Stay tuned as I point out how it started, where it went, and some of my favorite posts along the way.

2. INTERVIEW: The CVAS Blog. Say what? Instead of me interviewing all the artists, I sat down with the California Soul podcast kids and had a very fun and casual interview. I had a really great time at their house (but really, who doesn’t, it’s so chill). I think everyone reading this would be interested to meet and greet the person who write this…. so come check it out and tell us what ya think!

3. Date Farmers + Shepard Farey. The Date Farmers are up to a lot lately. The had a show with Shepard, have a gig in Denver, and are currently working on a show in Culver City called Desert Sexy.

4. Desert Sexy. As mentioned in “#3”, Desert Sexy is an art show in Culver City that is going down THIS WEEKEND. It is going to feature artists born and raised in the desert and also those who use the desert as their source of inspiration.

5. Commercial Break. This is starting to become my new favorite hobby: seraching the web for interesting clips from the desert. I have a lot of fun with these Commercial Breaks and hope you do too.

6. Epidemicaly Latered. Hmmm…. if that phrase doesn’t make sense to you, then that means you got it. For all those that got it, and even those who don’t, Epidemicaly latered is a site that is documenting what teh guys over at Epidemic Skate Shop are doing in NY. In NY? Yeah, NY. Lucky, huh?

7. The usuals. Last week was a bit unusual how I didnt have the time to do my weekly blog post, Things 2 Do Thursdays…. but, that’s all changed. Back to the grind. Back to the basics. Things 2 Do Thursdays will supply you with the party lineup and the FREE: Films, Events, Music will supply you with a list of cheap things to do around the desert. easy does it.

Thanks for tuning in once again and we’re gonna have a good time on the blog this month! One year anniversary!!! Yay!
email me! I’m always down to hear new things, collaborate, and all that good stuff: