California Soul opened the doors to their studio for Something Vague two weeks ago.
Something Vague is a two man team, that has been hot on the desert’s music scene… for a while. It’s hard to not know about them. The men behind the band name, Andy and Bolin, are popular figures in the indie rock and electro desert scene. Both musicians can be found doing a ton of other solo projects, jamming with other bands, and at different spots on different nights. And even if they are not playing a show, you can find them at a show supporting the rest of the desert’s indie music scene.
Don’t let their gentle & shy demeanors fool you, these guys make a mean, bold, rich sound when creating together. Think: desert on peyote. Think: raw.

This Saturday, the two play their last Something Vague show.
I know.
In their final parting of their band, the two make a guest appearance on the desert’s favorite podcast, California Soul….
Tune in…
(the studio)
(the california podcast kids,
Something Vague.
Andy + Bolin

Andy. AndyOutcast (twitter alias).