If you don’t have a car, and are looking for ways to escape the heat, I have some options for you.
Public transportation.
It may not cheap to travel out of town, BUT, the option is there. Lucky for us, it is easy and efficient to travel within the Coachella Valley.
Below are just a few fun ways to keep cool and keep moving during these last summer days.
All aboooooaaarrrrddddd!!…..

The Amtrack is my first pick public transportation pick.
If you want to go to LA to catch a show, a ticket to downtown is $30. Kinda pricey, but the option is there.
The Amtrack drops you off in downtown at the Union Station. From Union Station, you gotta take the bus, taxi, or a call up a friend. When coming home, the Amtrack kinda leaves you on the side of the freeway in North Palm Springs, so make sure someone is there to pick you up.
Other than those small glitches in the system, it’s a smooth ride!
For more info, visit:

For longer trips, and even the ones to LA, there is the Greyhound Bus. I have heard that after you ride a Greyhound Bus your life will change forever. You will meet the most interesting people on this bus and end up telling your life story. Not recommended for the shy and timid, I suppose. Prices vary depending on where you wanna go. Bus station is located in Indio.
Look here for more info:
In case you don’t have the money, nor the time to get out of town, there are option to get around locally. We all know about the SunBus…. but do we all use it? The SunBus has stops near our beloved, Ace Hotel, J Dee’s Landing, Palm Springs Art Museum, Indio Performing Arts Center, the mall, and your best friend’s house. And for pretty cheap! you really can’t beat that! Come on…. in big cities it’s cool to ride the bus, why not make it cool to ride it out here?
Hop on the SunBus….

Not bad, right? The SunBus should not be under rated.
or, if all else fails, just hop on your bike to get from on place to another…

You don’t need to drive every where. Look around. Check your resources.