Don’t leave me hanging this weekend.

Join me.
Join me on a journey through the desert’s most musicially eclectic weekend. Well, one of them.
Thursday starts the weekend off on a high note.
The jump off jumps off here on the Coachella Valley Art Scene blog!


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Check Spelling
You can never go wrong with a Michael Jackson tribute. Dead or alive, he is the man.

Aw how cute, the night is for us, the ladies! Haaaayyyy now! That’s what I like to hear. Check out all the sweet liquor deals. Sweet.

If you’re not in Palm Springs, then you best be in Indio. Don’t ever diss a flyer with a lion on it, they are on the top of the food chain. Don’t get swallowed up.


Slipping Into Darkness will be in Pioneertown. Two rights don’t make a wrong in this case. This is gonna be a good one. Double check on that DD.
If you aren’t punk-rocking it up at Pioneertown, then punk rock it down in Indio. These kids are the shit, and you know it.
Punk rock too punk rock for you? Soften it up at J Dee’s then. This is Something Vague’s last show. So, ladies, bring your bras for them to autograph….

Say what?!?! Do I see a G-Unit member is going to be here? Damn! Okay, it’s like that that?? $12 will make ya holla. check out all the sponsors, you know the party is gonna be crackin.

DJ Day is back in town! And he’s gonna be playing a sick set at Club Trinidad. No Cover? You serious? Cool.

Thanks for spending your week with the Coachella Valley Art Scene!
We love you guys!
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