My horoscope told me that on Wednesday of this week there will not only be a full moon in Aquarius, but a Lunar Eclipse on the same night as well. For those less astrologically-friendly, the Aquarius moon typically results in unusual occurrences, eccentric personalities and zany activities.

This moon in Aquarius/Lunar Eclipse duo is due on August 6th. This means, this weekend promises an interesting one. One in which you should consider joining in on.
Although the blog’s home address is located on some corner in the world wide web, the galaxy is what grounds us. So don’t think that the “Aquarius moon looniness” of this full moon on Thursday is only going to be effecting you…. no, no, no… the looniness looks like it will be carrying over and onto the Coachella Valley Art Scene as well.
Loony is as loony does:

1. That Fishy Festival. So, it has now been confirmed. Goldenvoice is choosing to party with the Coachella Valley kids at the Empire Polo Fields. And we’re super hype on it! Make sure you come back this week to see what the CVAS blog will be up to at the festival and how you can get involved.

2. The Freshest in Fashion. Fresh Out the Box just unveiled Kil At Will(a desert street wear fashion line)’s latest drop of tees. The blog will be featuring the latest from the store and the crew.

3. California Soul. I feel like I should take a poll: Who is your favorite California Soul host? Well, one of my favorite California Soul personalities is Ryan. Ryan is this awesome kid who lived better than most, as he lived creek side the California Soul house. I really think living creek side is the way to live. But, Ryan has moved on from living creek side and will now be living farm side as he dives into another chapter of his life. Make sure to come back to catch the farewell episode to one of the wittiest members, Ryan.

4. Commercial Break. So, last week our commercial break didn’t work out. Someone didn’t pay the Time Warner bill or something. Now I got a ton of commercials that are just dying to get aired… so it al kinda worked itself out anyways. Make sure to check out this multi-aged ranged youtube break. Haha… it’s gonna be a funny one.

5. Home Grown. Nothing is better than that home grown stuff, right? This week in our tribute to a better/greener society in the desert, we will point you in the right direction to buy all your greens, leans, and soy beans. Community gardens, people… community gardens.

6. Palm Springs Art Museum. Buncha cool stuff. And you know this. Come see what film is being screened and what the latest exhibitions are.

7. Randoms. Who knows what I just might pull outta my sleeves this week…. keep an eye out!

8. Things 2 Do Thursdays. This feature never fails, and is starting to fill up again. As the summer drags through it’s last month the desert is determined to party the nights away. See what the local artists around town will be getting themselves into at night…

Thanks for spending another week on the blog.
Love all the love we have been receiving! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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