I have good news for you.
All those wishes you made on all those falling stars last weekend are going to come true. And they are all going to come true on www.thecoachellavalleyartscene.com.
This week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene is all about having fun. That is, having fun in the desert, of course. This week will be covering what our local bike scene, skate scene, music scene, art scene, fashion scene, and food scene is up to.
Sounds like a good time? Well, it is. Come back to come get educated! The summer is almost over and we’re not going out without a fight!

Fight for your right to pppaarrrttttyyyy….

1. Desert Bikers.
No, not the mid-life crisis Harley Davidson crew (sorry Dad), the new bikers to hit the street. And hit it in style might I add. If you are looking to meet some people your age, who do something productive, cheap, and fun… then take a look at what these kids are doing.

2. The Future of Fun.
Okay, so last week I was swamped with work and meetings, but this week is all about having fun. In two weeks there is going to be a show at Ace Hotel that is imperative for you to come to. Why do I say imperative? Because, it’s going to be one of the best shows of the year. Yeah, I’ll say it again, one of the best shows of the year. Everyone and thier momma is going to come. From all different musical genres, from all different scenes. It’s gonna cost you a pretty penny, BUT the only other time that you are going to see a lineup to sweet will be in LA. And a trip to LA is gonna cost you way more than $20. Come back to get the full scoop.

3. INTERVIEW: Fresh Out the Box. Eddie over at Fresh Out the Box is one to be admired. He is young and is holding down his own business in Palm Desert. He is the owner to the only street wear boutique of the desert and is doing pretty good at it. Fresh Out the Box has a huge following in the desert, throws cool events, and most recently just had The Clipse come through this Sunday for an in-store. I defeinitely gotta give it up to Eddie for holding it down. This past weekend I got a chance to drop in the store, take some pictures, take some video and take an Interview.

4. FREE Downloadable Music.
Organic Junk Fude and Alf Alpha are going to be dropping their latest tracks on the Coachella Valley Art Scene for free download. See what these desert kids have been stirring up in their studios.

5. Skatecation Recap. The sk8rz at Epidemic went on a little camping trip this weekend called Skatecation. If you missed out, then don’t miss the blog recap of their little bonding time up in Idyllwild.

6. Skate Videos. Speaking of the Epidemic kids, they have a bunch of new skate videos that I wanna share with everyone. The CVAS’s favorite skater, Jared Huss, has some new flicks… a desert classic, Colin Commito has a few, and there are some other ones that I am gonna drop too. Peep it.

7. Randoms. Things come to my attention last minute all the time, so you never know what is really going to end up here on the blog. Surprises are the best though, right? We think so.

8. Things 2 Do Thursdays.
Party time, excellent.

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