Happy to share with you two narly FREE music downloads from some of our favorite Coachella Vallian musicians.
I am really digging these.
Hope you will too.
Actually, there’s really no doubt in my mind that you will…
Click either the image or the “Direct Link” to download the music for free.
Check it out:

Let My Tape Rock
produced by Alf Alpha

“This goes out to you, you, and you…”

for more info on Alf Alpha, check him out at:

Pigeon Toad & Plastisol 7 are…
Baby Coffin

When OJF first came to the Desert from San Francisco it was just me and Plastisol 7, who quit when Jon Afro joined the group. A week after he quit he asked me if I wanted to start a new group with him and this is what came out. Baby Coffin ended up breaking up the day we were supposed to do a show in LA with OJF and some others. The guy that set up the show said I can only have one of my bands play and I chose OJF. Baby Coffin is currently recording some new stuff right now and we’re planning to do a show in Palm Springs some time in early November. The material for Baby Coffin is more based off of real life. I stopped writing non fiction for OJF ever since I got punked out of a $25,000 reward for a song about where this one wanted criminal lived and hung out. I also lost my job because I wrote Dog Beater about a co-worker of mine.”

Check out Pigeon Toad at:

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