Purple mountains, majesty.

They surround us. They trap us. They keep us cuddled up close to them. They also keep us close to our friends.
This weekend, let the wind guide to to your friend’s house. From your friend’s house, let the powers guide you to one of these community events that are posted below. Go ahead, put the unity back in community. Put the “U” back in music.
If none of this lingo is making any sense to you, I’m going to give you not just a visual of what I’m feeling for this weekend… but a video. A video that I feel captures the essence of desert kids, desert nights, our relationship with the mountains that comfort us, and the super mystical powers of the universe that the desert is famous for.

(photo by Evelyn, video by Double S)

Sweet lineup. And how cute is a family that is in a band together. So cute. It’s free. jeez.
House party or classic rock in downtown palm springs. House party or classic rock in downtown Palm Springs. Hmmm….. Here is the flier if you choose the classic rock party.

Okay. Well, this flier rocks for starters. For seconds, this lineup rocks. And for thirds, the body parts are speaking to me? There.
Ever wanted to go to Skitzo Kitty, but was to shy to do so? Now is the time to do it!!! Down to the Rabbit hole you go.
Chemicals lead to inventions, inventions lead to progression, progression leads to good music… good music leads you to J Dee’s Landing on Sunday night!

Thank you all for another wonderful week on the CVAS blog.
We appreciate all the support, letters, and culture being created.
Keep it going, keep it flowing.
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