Hello Autumn Equinox.

You took long enough to get here. But, it’s been worth the wait.
This week we wait no longer on getting our act together. The summer is hard. I mean, no need to explain… it’s hot. But we have a tons of interesting interviews, blog features and parties in the works for you.
And I think you’re going to really love it. Okay, I know you will. How about that!
This week we get you prepped for months to come… we let you know who is on the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s team and what we are all doing to come together to make this desert a more culturally explosive, magnetic place. Where my DJs at? Can I scratch that? We are all just out to bring you fun and give you places to get out and express yourself. Do you feel me?
This week is all about self expression and coming out of a hard summer and into a beautiful Autumn. Kinda like a cocoon into a butterfly. Or something like that. It’s that struggle that we all gotta endure during the summer that makes the desert such a beautiful, interesting, mysterious place.

This week…

1. PARTY TIME. I know… took long enough, right? Well, as many as you know, the Coachella Valley Art Scene teamed up with The Coachella Valley Art Alliance and we have a lot of surprises in the works for you. One of them being a party at the end of the year. And this party will be hosted by the Coachella Valley Art Scene… so you know it’s going to end up being a Coachella Valley talent showcase. You heard it here first, but you will get details here on the blog later this week second…

2. Sounds of the Desert: DJ Odysey. Ah yes! Who loves real Hip Hop out there? Well come on a music journey with me as DJ Odysey allows us to travel through the greatest eras in Hip Hop with some of his freshest mixes.

3. Cinema Diverse: The Gay + Lesbian Film Fest in Palm Springs. Palm Springs is home to many film fests, this week it is home to the Cinema Diverse fest. More details in just a few…

4. Blogs + Twitters We Follow. There are all sorts of blogging buddies from the desert. We list a few that are our favorites. Oh, a couple Twitterers that got the bomb tweets!

5. Explorations from the Desert: Double S. Photos from film that was morphed by the heat. Go figure. Ironically, the pictures came out pretty amazing and have an interesting tint to them. Peep it…

6. College of the Desert. Many of us go, actually 13,000 of us do. And now COD is on Twitter and Myspace. Holler. It’s a good idea to add them so you can stay up to date with dues dates and campus facts. Knowledge is power.

7. Artist Spotlight: Chris Cichocki. Speaking of College of the Desert, Chris has a really awesome show this Friday at C.O.D.’s Walter N. Mark Center for the Arts. If you haven’t already heard… now is the time to get on it! It’s going to be pretty awesome…

8. Randoms. Surprise surprise….. you just never know what I will find on the internet this week… keep your eyes and ears pealed.

9. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party time, excellent. Make sure to visit the blog every Thursday to know what is going down around town for the weekend. Only local artists + musician party posting allowed.

Thanks for spending another week with us! We love the support and it really inspires us to work harder for the cause. Thanks again everyone!
For questions, comments, suggestions…. thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com