College of the Desert.
The place that some of us dread, but more so, a place that most of us secretly…
deep down inside… are very thankful for.
I’m thankful for our community college. For one, it’s a place where everyone in their 20’s – 40’s can kick it and meet other people with similar interests. Secondly, I am firm believer that the ratio of colleges to coffee shops goes up when in your town. And for me, living the life of a nomadic blogger, that is a BIG plus. And thirdly, from the education and connections you make at COD you can pave a lovely pathway to success for yourself. And doing something for yourself just feels amazing (like educating yourself), doesn’t it?!?
When I graduated (not too long ago) from COD, there wasn’t Twitter. But, that would have been cool if there was. I could have used the reminder… today you must pay your bill… class starts today… at the palm of my hand.
Well, luckily for all you folks out there who are attending COD at the moment, they are hip with the tech. Make sure you stay on top of the tech game and add these guys.
Knowledge is Power.