Artist Spotlight: Cristopher Cichocki

For the past couple months, the name Cris Cichocki has been buzzing around the Coachella Valley. I’ve received countless Facebook and Myspace party fliers. Links to Cichocki’s website, his myspace, his Vimeos. Not from Cris, or any promoters, but from kids out in the Coachella Valley who are genuinely excited about this show. I take note, this guy has really got the desert’s young art scene actually excited. I’m intrigued…
I had heard of the artist, “Cichocki”, a while back… I know he’s been in the scene for a minute… I knew he was a bit older than I… remember hearing my older peers talking about him… but missed the opportunity to ever do my own investigation. And boy did I miss out.
How do I put it? Cris isn’t your average painter, sculpture, photographer… he’s your innovative installation artist. He has that low desert punk appeal. A DIY approach. A no-limit attitude. A refined eye. And that undeniable desert mystique.
I thought that the readers to the Coachella Valley Art Scene would like to get a face to name and/or a story to piece before the show on Friday… so, here is are a couple words from the man Cristopher Chichock himself when I asked him a few questions about his art, his influences, and his sources for inspiration(*):

When I was a teenager growing up in the Coachella Valley, I was always fascinated with the landscape, history, and fast-paced development of the desert. The thought that this Valley was at one time an underwater abyss filled with unknown forms of sea-life has been a major element of inspiration for my art since I moved here from Wisconsin in the scorching hot summer of 1989.

In my teen years I began to study the universe of design within desert and oceanic lifeforms and found myself amazed by the uncanny correlations within these (seemingly) contrasting worlds. The cacti and tumbleweeds that fill this desert landscape are essentially the surviving seeds of an ancient ocean. Water has always been a major theme in my art. The circular formations in my work represent the ever-changing cycles of transformation that water embodies.

Through constant exploration of less-travelled areas around the desert I seek out abandoned sites that become part of my work. My art is a time capsule that merges fragments of the desert’s past present and future. Decayed elements from the Salton Sea to Wonder Valley are represented with the intention of bringing forth new discussions concerning the troubling ecological issues that confront our environment now and in the future.

Cris’s show is this Friday, Desert Abyss, will be located at the Walter N. Mark Center for Art in the College of the Desert campus. Expect large installations, that take up rooms. Accompanying Cris will be musical acts, Halloween Swim Team and Rumspringa.

Multi-talented, Cris is also a musician and video artists.

Cristopher Cichocki – Video Composition / Fragments of Fragments from Cristopher Sea on Vimeo.

Cristopher Cichocki – Drum Solo – Video Composition from Cristopher Sea on Vimeo.

To learn more about Cris Chichocki, please visit:


*and just in case anyone else was wondering… Cris is a Taurus.