Good news.

The Mercury Retrograde comes to an end this Tuesday.
That’s good for some.
For others, not so much.
Lucky for you though, when you’re on the Coachella Valley Art Scene team, all stars align just right… just for you.
So put all those astronomical fears behind you and put your trust in your local blogger.
This week is something that is outta sight.
It’s almost unexplainable.
It’s almost irresistible.
It’s spooky.
It’s not Halloween just yet, but the candy is on the shelves and we’re banking off the idea.
So, stuff yourself sick with this week’s tricks and treats.

1. End of Suburbia. Yeah, we wish too. But, no, it’s not real life and it’s not happening anytime soon in the valley. However, it is happening in an imaginary world… on the big screen in the small town Palm Springs Library this Tuesday. And in normal terminology… there is a screening for “End of Suburbia” at the Palm Springs Library this Tuesday.

2. Martha Stuart luvz the Coachella Valley. Tune in to watch Martha rant and rave about how much she loves the Coachella Valley. You know I’m gonna watch this. And I haven’t watched Martha Stuart since I stopped ditching in Middle School.

3. Water Woman. Who? What? When? Where? Why? This Thursday on the blog.

4. The Sky is Falling! It’s a bird… no… it’s a plane… no… it’s some local artists….. you gotta come back to check out this awesome double INTERVIEW with the Skys Falling Art Kult and the Red Arrow Art Gallery.

5. 5000. The man with the camera that never stops flickering. 5000 Photography is at it again, capturing the desert’s independent music scene.

6. Saturday = Freeday. This is true at the Palm Springs Art Museum this Saturday. Not only is the museum open to the public, but you can also watch a FREE FOREIGN FILM. Score!

7. DHSHS. Forget what you already think about Desert Hot Springs High School. You’re about to schooled. This school is going to be the leaders in training their students for green jobs in the Coachella Valley. I am very proud and impressed and excited to share some good news with you.

8. Commercial Break. I’m thinking it’s time for some good ‘ol desert skate videos. And ya know… some other random stuff that I find. Are you friend’s with the CVAS blog/s youtube? Add us so we can check out your videos and such:

9. Randoms. Hopefully I can get the “blogs I like” up for you this week. i am having a hard time fitting that into my schedule, but this week just might work. And… keep an eye out for unexpected mixtapes, photos, hammers, suspenders… you just never know what is gonna pop up on the internet.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. The one feature that never fails on the blog. I have been doing this Things 2 Do Thursdays for more than a year now!!! That’s every Thursday of my life for this past year I post all the party flyers around the valley. You would think I would get sick of it…. but I actually love it.

Alright, well, that’s what we have in store for you this week on the bloggity blog. We hope you enjoy! Have a great week and thank you once again for the support, we really do appreciate it.
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