There is a rumor going around that the CVAS Blog is going to be curating a huge art party around Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Years time.
Well… the rumor is true.
The CVAS Blog will have it’s OFFICIAL party on December 19, 2009.
You heard it here first.
We are still in the very beginning stages of organizing this… but since this is a party by the people, for the people… I thought it would only be fair if I showed you a sneak peak of the space that we are working with.
The space is being provided by SCRAP Gallery. SCRAP Gallery is an amazing gallery that just uses scraps/trash/reused/recycled materials to make art. SCRAP Gallery is an organization that is under the bigger arts non-profit organization, The Coachella Valley Art Alliance. The Coachella Valley Art Scene was recently accepted to officially be an umbrella arts organization under the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance a couple months ago (yay for us!). So, this party will feature SCRAP Gallery, Culturas (another arts organization in the desert), The Coachella Valley Art Alliance, and the The Coachella Valley Art Scene. How is that for collabo??
So, to all you artists and party animals… here is the space that it will be at.
If you would like to submit art, or ideas for the party, please email me!
This is where it will be held at:

The space is BIG.
Party is gonna be even bigger!
That’s how us here at the Coachella Valley Art Scene like to do it!

email me for more information: