Artist Spotlight: Grrrips
These days lo-fi is a big deal. Wavves, Vivian Girls, Crocodiles; if you’re recordings are lo fidelity and your songs are reticent of surf, noise, goth, new wave, or some combination of the four you’ll probably get noticed to a certain degree. As I’ve stated before I am not against this tide of lo fi bands getting their due. I’m a fan of a lot these bands. My only gripe about this trend is that it’s a trend. It’s style over substance. This will eventually die out and only the ones whose music really stood first and foremost before the style will be left standing. Bands like Deep Sht and this weeks artist, Grrrips.
Grrrips version of lo fi is more calculated than a lack of recording means. When Ryan Seymour performs his music live his recordings make more sense. With other bands its usually the other way around. Utilizing a contact mic inside a breathing mask, his haunted howling of vocals convey a gothic tendency while underneath it all the guitar, acoustic mind you, is sonically hypnotizing all the while maintaining a pop sensibility that carries the songs from beginning to end.

Currently he’s working on more material for Grrrips as well as a new project with good friend Cris Cichocki called State Recreation.
to hear more of Grrrip’s work: