The Galleristas.
You know who they are. You know they know where the good stuff is.
So follow them to the following notable art gallery opening receptions this weekend...

Images By Gideon Fine Art Gallery is proud to host ON-THE-EDGE a group show featuring Haya Gil-Lubin, Kara Iverson and Jorge Luis Sicre.

When: October 7 to November 5

Artist Reception: Saturday, October 10 from 6 to 9 pm

Located in the Backstreet Art District, Images By Gideon Fine Art Gallery features a diverse and sophisticated collection of art ranging from colorful and eclectic paintings and drawings to sculptures, pottery and multimedia art. The gallery offers the opportunity to collect art from a vast array of artists.

Haya Gil-Lubin – Photogramist

The key to my technique is using a combination of light, simplicity, design, color, and the translucent nature of my subject matter. My work is pure photogram, meaning there are no cameras or film involved in the process. My subject matter is exposed to light on color photography paper to achieve the photogram.

Kara Iverson – Paintress

Kara’s driven talents have taken her to experiment with paint in the venues of Cubistic Expressionism and color overlays; she feels that drawing and re-drawing with the brush intensifies and captures the primordial essence of color, movement, and the breath of life in her paintings.

Jorge Luis Sicre – Artist

Jorge Sicre brings a world of feverish fantasy and charismatic color to his work. As a modernist with roots in classical painting, Sicre explores the world of subconscious imaging.

Images By Gideon Fine Art Gallery

Backstreet Art District

2682 South Cherokee Way

Palm Springs, CA 92264

Located off of East Palm Canyon Dr. (Hwy 111)

Behind the Mercedes Benz dealership

Please join us tomorrow for our Artist Reception Tomorrow

Saturday, October 3rd

7:00pm to 10:00pm

“Real Love”

See Preview Below

Modern Atmospheres”

See Preview Below

NEW Artist Proof Prints
from SHAG (Josh Agle)

Available at the gallery as of Saturday during the “Real Love” & Modern Atmospheres”receptions.

M Modern Gallery
2500 N. Palm Canyon Dr., #B5
Palm Springs, CA 92262