Welcome back to the blog.

Last week we were super duper busy.
So sorry for the lack of updates.
I mean, it is really truly crazy on this side of the computer screen… if you only knew.
Good thing is, this week will not be as crazy as last week. So we can stay true to some of these forecasts. But, as you know, a forecast is but a forecast. ‘Tis not a promise. It’s a prediction.
And predictions are exactly what this week is all about. Predicting the future is fun. Some people are quite good at it. Some make careers out of their super skills. And some fake the funk.
But we don’t fake the funk. Bloggers never do! Are you kidding me!
Just kidding.
Okay, so this week we are predicting wild and crazy things. But any rreeeaalll psychic knows that before you can look into the future, you have to look into one’s past. This week we will travel back into the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s time. A time not too long ago….
Last week.
Then we will peer into our crystal ball…. and look deep into the future. Not too far off into the distance….
Next week.
Come. Sit next to us on this wild carpet ride that we like to call The Coachella Valley Art Scene Blog….

1. Recap the Happs from the Pasts. Pasts… yeah I said “pasts”. (I come from a family of teachers, who all read my blog, and always comment on my slag and bad grammar. That one was for you guys.)

2. Commercial Break. So, there is this new hip hop kid in the desert that I saw a youtube of. He doesn’t even know I’m writing this about him. Anyways, I came across this youtube of him and I thought it was so dope that I decided to dedicate a whole Commercial Break to being themed around his video. I love when I find an artist that excites me. It’s such a thrill. So, anyone that loves hip hop out there, you will love this week’s Commercial Break.

3. Your Sustainable City. This week is one of the most green weeks in all of the weeks of the year. If there is one way to predict the future… it’s to start thinking green! Information on what’s going on and how to get a green job soon to come.

4. Wheels on Reels. I’m such a car nerd, you have no idea. I drive a 1983 Mercedes Turbo Diesel that runs on veggie oil. Yes, my car runs on veggie oil. Yes, I go to Costco and your local greasy food joint to get my gas. And the engine to my car upsets everyone on the road and my neighbors, its so loud. But there is nothing better than having wheels of steal! Or wheels on Reels!

5. Explorations of the Desert: Ken Foto. I came across Ken Foto on Facebook. He had some gnarly photos from Whitewater…. a place that I have yet to really document on the blog. Ken does a lovely job of doing just that.

6. Phish Phest Phun Phacts. Okay so last week I was supposed to write about this but I don’t know what happened. Anyways, this week it’s really going down. And, I’m also going to be interviewing a bunch of kids from the desert who are not just going to the Phish Festival, but will be doing art there. More details in the works. Slippery when wet, so don’t trip.
7. The Scream Team. Since you gotta plan for Halloween before it actually happens… I’m gonna give you a list of all the Halloween parties this week. Good shows all across the valley.
8. Rabbits on Anarchy. Gram Rabbit, a desert tasty treat, will be making a sneak peak on Sons of Anarchy this Tuesday. Keep your ears open for their track “Stars” on the television show. =)

9. Party Update. I finalized the theme to the CVAS Dec 19th party. And I think you will like it. It’s youthful, it’s bold, and it’s futuristic, and I don’t think it’s been done in the desert yet (correct me if I am wrong). Come back to see what it is.

10. Randoms. Oh you know…. I always have tricks up my sleeves.

11. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party party party party party party party. Say that 10 times fast.

Thanks for tuning in, we promised to amuse you.
Email me any questions: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com