This week Palm Springs is celebrating their city, and all that they can do to make it more green.
Over here at the Coachella Valley Art Scene, we love and respect that!
Check out these links and these events to see how you can learn more about greening your city… and bettering your future.
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Event: Wednesday, October 21st at 5:30pm

Come visit the Palm Springs City Hall for their Electric Vehicle Fair to see a variety of EV’s (Electric Vehicles). We will have a map of roads that NEV’s may drive on legally and we will celebrate the proposal of the “Plug In Partners” campaign!

*Did you know? That there is a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling station near you? It’s at the Airport! Our local sanitation trucks use CNG to fuel their trucks. Take a look next time one goes by!

What is a Green Job anyway? Earthday Network tells you all you need to know.

Green For All Campaign

Green The Block – Here are ways you can get your neighborhood involved in a National Day of Service. Start Planning now for next September.

Green Jobs RESOURCES from Green For All

ENERGY STAR Training Materials

2009-2010 City of Palm Springs Water Efficiency Programs:

Come to Village Fest on October 22nd to get your FREE Low Flow Aerator! Palm Springs residents only please. Must provide ID and/or Zipcode for data collection purposes.

Palm Springs Residential Energy Efficiency Program – The City of Palm Springs is currently developing guidelines and program details for a residential loan program that will allow residents to implement energy efficiency improvements to their owner-occupied properties and pay for them as an assessment on their individual property tax bill. Details of this program will be coming out shortly and will be posted on this website.

If you are interested in obtaining more information or particpating in this program, please complete the interest form and return to the City of Palm Springs, Community and Economic Development Department, Attention: Diana Shay, Redevelopment Coordinator, or Fax to 760-322-8325. You will be contacted once the program details are finalized.

Click the following link for the Energy Efficiency Loan Program Interest Form

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator — Calculate your Greenhouse Gas Emissions footprint from your energy use using Cool California’s calculator.
The City of Palm Springs ‘Your Sustainable City’ program is an ENERGY STAR PARTNER! We have set a pledge goal of 50,000 ENERGY STAR pledges for 2009-2010 to illustrate the positive environmental impact of total pledges collected from City of Palm Springs residents and visitors. Our goal is based on two factors: the number of individuals we will inspire to take the pledge, and the average pounds of greenhouse gas emissions that one person will save by taking the ENERGY STAR Pledge. This also provides an estimate of the greenhouse gas emissions savings that we may be able to collect based on 50,000 pledges. Sign the City of Palm Springs Official ENERGY STAR PLEDGE

178,000,000 lbs. of greenhouse gas emissions is our reduction goal for the community for 2009-2010

Our Recycling Page tells you all about the types of Materials you can recycle in Palm Springs

Links: Carpet Recycling

Palm Springs Disposal Services page

Earth 911 – have that odd material you want to learn to reduce, reuse or recycle?

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