Get all your friends all rallied up, pack ’em into that (hopefully, natural gas) bus and head on down to your local show. This is the weekend before Halloween, before chaos, so you better you meet up with everyone and coordinate the plans.
Tomorrow we post all the Halloween parties… and we never post parties early, but we are hoping that if we show you where the parties are a week ahead then you can plan accordinally and be safer rather than sorry.
So, with that being said…
Here are the parties for this weekend, and keep an eye out for the next.
*no idea why that op paragraph is underlined.
**photo is taken from a Desert themed video game, which, ironically was voted “Most Boring” by this website I found it on. Hello people… the desert isn’t a place for violence and crazy stuff, it’s a place to chill out and enjoy the finer things around you… like good company and good art.


thanks for spending another week with us! we’ve been crazy busy. next week will be better!! thanks again for your patience! please feel free to email us: