Ok, ok, ok…

Let’s make this loud and clear,

this week is all about getting down to business.
And we are not talking about you’re everyday… do-da kinda business…. over here at the Coachella Valley Art Scene, we’re talking about getting down to…
Phishy business.
Phishy business, if just hearing the phrase (and not reading it, as you are doing) might sound shady.
But, have no fear, we are the real deal.
When we say Phishy business on this blog… we’re talking specifically about this upcoming Phish Festival 8 this weekend at the Empire Polo Fields out in Indio.
We are super duper excited for this festival, and not just because we are so lucky as to have it in our big back yard, but also because the Coachella Valley Art Scene is having a part in it! Yes, the locals have been asked to get involved and spread a little desert, Coachella Valley, culture. And we are down for that.
So, come this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the CVAS blog and a bunch of our 50 most craftiest friends will be heading out to the festival fairgrounds to do arts and crafts in the campground section of the festival. If you are out there, please do come look for us! We will be located in the Art Studios… across from the Farmers Market off Ave 51. And we’ll be the ones at night starting a raging bonfire. Just kidding, we’re following all campsite rules. Duh.

1. Yes, they’re here, the Scream Team is here! I understand that not all my readers can make it to the Phish Festival. Boo hoo. I still got love for you though. So, this week I will be doing an awesome post for you freaks out there who wanna get down and dirty. I got plenty of parties for you to get plenty excited about.

2. California Soul: Phish or Treat. When California Soul was recording this last little session, I just happen to walk in…. with a six pack. I shared some brew and we talked a little about the upcoming Phish festival this weekend. If you are in any way confused as to what’s happening, why it’s happening, and the significance of it all…. then please, please do yourself this favor and download their podcast or go on their blog to listen to what these desert kiddos have to say.

3. Free Foreign Film. The Palm Springs Art Museum is at it again. They come back strong with a free foreign film treat. Or is it a trick?

4. Compost Power! No, it’s not as smelly as you think. And no, it’s not as hard as you think. It’s actually something that all of us can do in our homes and even our apartment. There are local groups around the desert that teach the art of composting… and yes, it is an art.

5. Nowhere Now: The Ballad of Joshua Tree on PBS. I love this one…. PBS will be airing a documentary that I featured here on the CVAS blog a while back, Nowhere Now: The Ballad of Joshua Tree. It is a film that “paints a portrait of life in the desert, far from big music industry, while examining our notions of success and failure.” – www.nowherenowthemovie.com

6. Backstreets’ Back! Man, I’m almost embarrassed to even reference a Backstreet Boys song for one of my blog topics this week, but… I was in middle school when the Backstreet Boys were big… and those phrases are going to be with me for the rest of my life, whether I like it or not. All boy bands aside, this week I give a little inside scoop on what people are ranting and raving about in the gallery art world… The Backstreet Arts District in Palm Springs.

7. Commercial Break. I have the perfect Halloween Commercial Break for you. No, really, it’s like…. perfect. Buuuaahhahahahhahahahahahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!

8. A Possible Party Update. I am really busy with helping out at the Phish Fest while also planning this hu-mung-go party on Decemeber 19th at the SCRAP Gallery in Indio. I have been collaborating a bit with some people around town… just to name a few… Daily Dares. I’ll fill you on some ideas we got going on and see if you can dig it.

9. Windmill City Rollers. Epidemic Skate Shop has a new line coming out called, Windmill City Rollers. You must already have figured out how happy I get when people reference the desert for their art projects. I am pretty stoked about this. And I’m looking forward to checking this new line out. Super hardcore sneak peak right here on the blog. Come back soon.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays… see “1.” for more details.

Thank you for spending another week with us on the blog. We aree loving every minute of life right now and are reminding ourselves to blog every hour of those 60 minute chunks of fun. Thank you for all your support and have a great week everyone! If you have any questions or comments, please email me: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com