A desert band that is picking up a lot of praise and finding their ways into shows all over Southern California and then some… Los Mumblers.

We dig ’em.
For sure.
And when we heard that the guys just released a demo for free online, we thought it would be a good idea to feature it on the blog under a “Sounds of the Desert” feature.
The most recent Los Mumblers demo is titled, “Smash” and it includes a sweet pickin’ of sick six songs. Say that six times really fast, “sick six songs.”
Yeah, it’s hard.
And so is the Smash demo.
So give it a listen!
And don’t forget to check out the band’s myspace ,their blog, and their personal music blogs that give much insight as to whom their greatest musical influences are.
Say that whole sentence six times.

The SMASH Demo includes the following:
1. Triple Salchow
2. Trace My Heart
3. Hulk Smash
4. And The Lunchbox of Secrets
5. Just Wait and See
6. I Have Butterflies the Size of Eagles

The direct link to download:

The Los Mumblers myspace:

The Los Mumblers blog:

their personal music blogs: