Our local art duo, The Date Farmers, have an upcoming show at Pictures on Walls (aka POW). POW is located in London and has featured many of today’s greatest contemporary street artists such as Banksy, Blu, Cleon Peterson, Bask, and Kid Acne just to name a few.
I can’t find this as a fact on the internet, but I heard that this is Banksy’s gallery. Guess you gotta go to find out.
The show’s opening is December 3rd and closes on the 23rd.
To check out more information on Pictures on Walls, check out:
Here are a few photos of what POW looks like from the inside. Take note of the Date Farmer pieces that are already there. We can dig it!!
A little desert heat to warm up London in the month of December is just what the doctor ordered.
Congratulations, guys!

all photos provided by Arrested Motion

To check out more of the Date Farmer’s work, please visit: