It’s about that time.

Time for chaos.
Time for family.
Time for food.
Time for some turkey.
Thanksgiving is this week. But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna be bored. Well, it might. Depending on your family. For those that are looking for a little extra curricular family activity at night, I got you covered.
There are some pretty good shows not just this week, but next weekend as well. In fact, the next 4-5 weeks on this blog are really just going to be all about amazing bands that will be passing through the desert. And when I say amazing, I mean amazing. Like.. top of the line. Like…. best in the LA indie rock world right now. Like… you better go to the shows and check them out or else I have no pitty for you.
That kinda good.
Comparable to that juicy turkey that Grandma makes kinda good.
Do you see what I’m saying?
There is magic stirring out here and I got the magic wand and the rabbit to get you where you need to be to experience it.
Boys, Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen… the show is now about to begin…..

1. Something From Nothing. Yes. December 19th. Yes. It’s the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s first big solo party. Yes. It’s all ages. Yes. There will be bands, art, half pipes to skate, screen printing, installation art, photo booths, swamp meets, tarot card readers, and much more. Yes. There will be a bar. Yes. It will be in a dumpster. Yes. The dumpster is cleaned out. I wouldn’t do you like that. And yes. It’s all ages and is $6 for general admission, $5 if you carpool to the party, skate, or ride your bike. It’s at SCRAP Gallery in a super duper large warehouse on the Riverside County Fairgrounds inside a place where they used to park airplanes. It’s going to big, loud, and more than anything… fun.

2. Eek – A – Mouse at Space 120. The day before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…. That’s because everyone is going to be at Space 120 partying. Hhheeeeellllooooooo. Duh. Eek-a-Mouse is going to rock the spot and you better be there.

3. The Entrance Band. Living in the desert means something. It is an emotion. It is a sound. And I think The Entrance Band sounds like that feeling and that lifestyle. They are coming to the desert on December 5th to rock a party and I want you to come. Keep an eye out for my write up.

4. Surfer Blood. The night after The Entrance Band plays at J Dee’s Surfer Blood will take the stage. You can handle two shows, I know you can. Don’t be a granny and stay in. Both of these bands are making serious noise in the music scene and you would be a lame-o if you didn’t come to both. I’m about to lay the smack down on the blog and educate you guys on these bands. Class starts tomorrow.

5. The Phish Festival 8 Art Studios documentary is done!!!! I am very very very happy to share with you all that Steven Preston just finished editing the 15 minute documentary on the Phish Festival and I just finished up the website and we wanna show you all. I think you are going to love it…. one, because it took us a while to get it done and the anticipation is building up. Two, because each person that worked in the Art Studios was a Coachella Valley native. And three, because this is an aspect of the Phish Festival that you have yet to hear about… it was a secret jem to come across at the festival, and if you did come across it or if you know about it, then you are cool. All others – not so much.

6. Sounds of the Desert: DJ Day. Oh man… I got the goods. DJ Day supplied us with a download from his 1st album (1999). This is music that has inspired all of today’s music producers and MCs in the desert. Ya dig?

7. Commercial Break. Ready for some skate videos? Ready for some gnarly footage? Ready for some Coachella Valley Art Scene commercials?

8. Randoms. This week is going to be kinda short due to the family coming in from Santa Cruz (what’s up Northern Cali, I see you). So I’m probably going to be on my bike a lot, and not by the computer. I mean, it’s still going to be an awesome, super fun week on the blog, but I just can’t guarantee a whole mess of things. I mean, you should probably bike around with your family too. Maybe we’ll see each other out there? Anyways, keep an out for random posts about desert stuff.

9. Things 2 Do Thursdays. This week it will actually be posted on Wednesday because Space 120 in Palm Springs is having that big-ol-Eek-A-Mouse show on Wednesday and I wanna make sure you go.

Thanks for spending another week with us. We are really excited about our upcoming show in December (the 19th to be exact) and are spending many hours planning for it. We hope it will be the ultimate art community event and something that everyone can walk away from feeling good about with a bunch of free stuff in their hands. It’s gonna be dope and we look forward to meeting you there. Have a great Thanksgiving and tell your family about the Coachella Valley Art Scene at dinner. Just kidding, you don’t have to… but I would be very thankful if you did. Alright, take care and have a great holiday! Email me if you wanna show art at the party or something: