We got some updates to our Something From Nothing party that we are throwing on
December 19th at SCRAP Gallery.
And they are good ones.
1. We are definitely going to be building a half pipe there for everyone to skate. Here’s what building a half pipe looks like.

2. We are also going to have screen printing available to anyone who wants to bring an extra shirt or print on paper/stickers. We will be providing the images. Here is an example of what doing your own screen printing means.

3. Our good friends, MC Speak and Pheo, are going to come through. Satisfy your hip hop cravings.

Both of these beats featured in these videos have been produced by the desert’s Alf Alpha
4. We are really looking forward to Foot Village and Gram Rabbit too.

5. We’re gonna have a ton of cool art. With some of our favorite artists from all over Southern Caliofrnia. Plus, a lot of young local artists are going to be showing off too.

Featured Youtubes:
Date Farmers, www.thedatefarmers.com
Steven Harrington, www.stevenharrington.com
Albert Reyes, www.myspace.com/algive
and much more…. stay tuned…