Remember that art show I told you about I think last week or so?…
The one that is going down in London and will be featuring the Date Farmers.
If you just so happen to be in London this week, make sure to stop by 46 Commercial Street, London, E1. The gallery is called POW and it is said to be the hottest thing in the coldest place. And that’s going to be especially true when our guys, The Date Farmers, take over the spot.

If you don’t know already, the Date Farmers are one of the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s biggest inspiration. Heck, our very first post ever on this blog covered a party we threw with them more than a year ago. Anyways, we love the guys work and we are happy to share with you the latest hot shit they got in their studio.

Check this sneak peak out!
These are their prints, they are reasonably priced and JUST MIGHT POSSIBLY be at our Something From Nothing art show on December 19th. Guess you won’t know for sure unless you actually go.

“Don’t Fight Back”

And here are some of their other pieces. Man…. they just keep getting better and better...

We love that the guys are getting global love, because global love is the best love.
To give the Date farmers your own piece of love, hit them up on their website:

*and don’t miss out on seeing these prints in person at the Something From Nothing party December 19th at SCRAP Gallery in Indio,CA.