Tamale Festival – this weekend in Indio!

Honestly, I wait all year for this event. My whole family goes and we stock up on tamales for the whole month of December. We probably get enough to last till January… but, yeah, they never seem to last that long.
Instead of telling you guys all about the different kinda of tamales, coverage that everyone else is covering, I thought I’d share with you some interesting facts on the Tamale Festival that received from The Coachella Valley Green.
These are really cool facts:
*The Tamale Festival, now in its 18th year, has grown in popularity to an attendance of over 125,000 people each year during the two-day event.
* Recently the Indio Tamale Festival was ranked in the Top 10 “All –American Food Festivals” on the Food Network-TV.

*The Tamale Festival is going GREEN. What does this mean? Obviously, an event of this size normally generates a huge amount of garbage. Instead, with the help of G-Rock and local businesses, venders and volunteers, the 2008 event composted 100% of the waste and diverted 24.46 tons of waste from our local landfills. In fact, in honor of this accomplishment, Indio was recognized by the California Integrated Waste Management Board as a national leader in large venue events for its diversion program.
*Other recycling benefits included 90.6 lbs of aluminum cans and 111.5 lbs of plastic bottles, which were gathered and turned over to the local Boy Scouts for redemption in return for their volunteer participation.

*Over 80 gallons of fryer grease was collected from food venders and converted into bio-diesel. (I love this fact because my car actually runs on 100% veggie diesel!!!)
*Electrical power for the event came from running a blend of diesel and bio diesel, which contributed to a significant reduction in the carbon emissions produced by the event.
*Renova, a local solar company even provided a mobile charging station, which powered staff computers, lighting and a fan-cooled trailer for green-team volunteers.
*All together in 2008 the City of Indio, in collaboration with Biomass and Burrtec, initiated a “zero-waste” system that reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint, minimizing the environmental impact of the entire event.
And the good news is that Indio will be doing it all again for this year’s 2009 Tamale Festival!!
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See you there!!!
oh… and come by SCRAP Gallery located on the Fairgrounds… that’s where the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s December 19th Party, Something From Nothing, will be!!!!
Come say HI!