How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

Ran into everyone you knew and didn’t know in high school?
Ate too much?
Exercise too little?
Yeah, me too.
All that is over with though.
And to make up for all our over eating and under exercising last week, this week we are hit with a super heavy workload. Actually, the workload extends beyond this week, it’s all month long.
“What’s with that?” you ask.
Well, we are planning for the official celebration of the Coachella Valley Art Scene becoming a member of the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance and coming our own arts non-profit! It has been a lot of work, blogging and all, but we have so much more planned out for you guys and will be unveiling all of our plans on December 19th at the “Something From Nothing” show. Everything that the we stand for will come to materialization at this event. It will be a don’t miss!!
In the meantime, as we plan, plan, plan, we realize we also have to promote, promote, promote. We will be hand making each flyer and promoting it at all the places that we think you (our readers) would be interested in going to. So, if you work somewhere that would be down to post our flyer… write us and let us know! We will be there the next day with flyers in tow. Also, anyone reading this who is in school (high school, community college, college), if you would like to pass out flyers, post one in your art classroom, etc… let us know! We will meet up with you and give you some flyers. Just send an email and we can work out all the details.

Alright, caution, hefty load:

1. Something From Nothing. The party never stops, really, it never does. If we are not at the Phish concert, we’re at J Dee’s, if were not at J Dee’s were at a house party, if were not at a house party then we’re probably throwing our own. More details, more bands and artists confirmed, more flyers this week.

2. Entrance Band. We love the Entrance Band. And lucky for us, the Entrance Band loves the desert. We are so compatible. Also like a Pisces and a Taurus. Almost.

3. Surfer Blood. Entrance Band plays on Saturday, and Surfer Blood plays on Sunday. I heard through the grapevine (blogs) that Surfer Band is to be the next Vampire Weekend?! They are gonna be the next be thing. So let’s see them off! Sunday – J Dee’s – be there… or get surfer blood poured on you. Gross.

4. Date Farmers at POW in London! We love it. The Date Farmers are making prints that are under $5,000. Yes, yes, yes!! And we want you to know all about these prints as well. They are super, super, sick! Don’t fight the feeling. Don’t fight back.

5. Poemetry. For all the poets out there, come to a poemetry session this week to express yourself. This is a new series going down due to the influx of popularity of open mics and poetry readings around the desert lately. Good job guys.

6. Arts and Crafts Fair in 29 Palms. Hmm… arts and crafts in the most artistically cutting edge place in all of Southern California? Wow. Count me in. You coming? Email me if you wanna carpool.

7. The CVAS Art Workshops. Speaking of arts and crafts… the CVAS blog just finished doing a large scale workshop at the Phish Festival 8 concert. After much editing, cropping and screwing, we finally have a website to show you! (whipping sweat off my forehead)

8. PSAM. All these acronyms. What do they mean? PSAM = Palm Springs Art Museum. And Palm Springs Art Museum = cool free activities going on inside a cool local museum. And free cool activities going on inside a cool local museum = you gotta go.

9. Tamale Festival! Where are all of the desert foodies at?!?! There is a Tamale Festival going on this weekend at the Riverside County Fairgrounds! I always stock up on like 20. Shout out to the vendor who makes the Lox and Cream Cheese tamale… perfect for Hanukkah.

10. California Soul. They’re back! And they’re excited about the upcoming show at J Dee’s this Saturday too! Did anyone catch the interview with California Soul in the La Quinta High School Newspaper? We dug it.

11. Commercial Break. Pimpin Quinn has a new beat boxing/rapping video. And so do other people. Come back for our version of what commercials should be.

12. Things 2 Do Thursday. Party time!!! Whether is PERFECT in the desert and now we got something to celebrate. Parties are going down Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We love it.

Thanks for reading the blog! We have a lot of work to do this week. So, we better get to it! Thank you for supporting us every week. And thank you for the kind letters of appreciation that we have been receiving lately. We appreciate you too. Thank guys! You can email me at: