Ya know… I was going to do another post about how cool this show is going to be, how relevant all these bands are, and how badly you need to be there… but why would type any of that when the cool kids from California Soul talk about it so effortlessly?
And I am just going to put this out on the line, but in my opinion…
this just might possibly be THE BEST California Soul episode.

To know everything you need to know about this 18+ just click one of the links below.
Or ya know… go on Myspace or Facebook and get blasted by promotions.
Yeah, I’d pick a California Soul podcast over that any day too.
To listen to the podcast:

Make sure to check out:

*and yes, we are super torn between the shows at Space 120 + J Dee’s Landing… looks like we’re gonna just have to take our bikes and go to both.