Steven Preston is a cinematographer born, raised, and is currently residing in the Coachella Valley.

He will be curating the Film Screening room of the event.
If you don’t already know by now who this talented gentleman is… then here is your chance to get in the loop.
Steven joined forces with us more than a year ago, when we were throwing our first parties at the Date Farmer’s art studio (thanks guys, btw!). A series of about three Art Studio parties (like the one filmed below) took place in old town Indio.
What we love about Steven is that he is not afraid to capture the essence and vibe of the desert, he exposes a lot of truth, he gets to the point, and he is never ever short on good ideas and/or ways to contribute.
We are forever grateful for the documentations of this memorable night. Whether we look good or bad on camera. At least it’s up there to look back at and laugh upon.
So, without further ado… the CVAS blog is proud to present….
The Date Farmers Art Studio party… 2008!

Date Farmers Party – Part I from Steven Preston on Vimeo.

Date Farmers – Part II from Steven Preston on Vimeo.

Date Farmers Party – Part III from Steven Preston on Vimeo.

Here is Steven’s Reel (from about a year ago):

Steven Preston’s Reel from Steven Preston on Vimeo.

More of Preston’s latest works (from about a month or so ago) will be featured next week.

Preston is looking for a few people to contribute their films to the Film Screening Room!
If you would like to contribute then email this man ASAP!!!!
Steven’s email:
Steven’s Vimeo: