What is a party these days if it doesn’t have your party photographer and a photo booth? Wait… Really though, does that even happen?!?

We are not just going to have a photo booth…. no, we’re gonna have a punk rock photo booth!
This is going to be a must see. And this is because Luisa (fashion photographer and fashion blogger, www.sin-style.blogspot.com) and her partner in crime Adam (skateboard and lifestyle photographer, check the flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/39554087@N04/) will be designing a custom photo booth for the show!! We are sooooo excited about this.
Plus! Luisa will be going around and documenting the most fashionable, the most lovely, the most ugly at the party. So look your best or look your worst.
A rumored fashion contest (with an awesome goodie bag) is to suffice.
To catch the vibe of this gnarly photo booth…. peep the pics: