This is the official flyer.

This is the official, unofficial flyer.

Party is going down at SCRAP Gallery. Support SCRAP Gallery because they support us.

Here is my ghetto fabulous map I made. It’s the layout of the party. Here is the direct link to it:

Don’t forget to bring some ca$h not just to enter ($5.00), but to buy some cool art/shirts/etc.

Now… visualize yourself at the event….

This is the view of the venue from the entrance. See that gate? That’s where you will pay your $5 cover charge. I will probably be there, so say hi!

Once you get inside the gate, you will be looking at it from this view. That building to the right is the Larson center for Justice – Indio. That warehouse to the left is the “Gems and Minerals” warehouse at the Riverside County Fairgrounds.

Inside this gated area, where that second car is, is where the skate ramp will be. Epidemic Skate Shop and Eye Skate Shop will have booths out there and will probably be raffling off stuff.
Then , you’ll go inside!
This is pre-party. But, even so, look how cool this place is. Super awesome. A lot of space!
That picture above was one side, here is the other.

Check out these bikes that SCRAP Gallery makes with the kids! We are thinking of using them for stage design.

Here is the screening room.
The gallery space is all the way to the right hand side, past the stage. You’ll see it.

Looking forward to seeing you there!