First and foremost, thank you to everyone who made it out to the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s first ever, Something From Nothing art party. We really appreciate everyone showing us so much love and support.
Good news is… it was such a success that it will be an annual thing.
But, don’t think that’s where the fun begins and ends…. no, no, no…. we will be doing many more collaborations in 2010! Some big, some small… some medium. You just never know what we got up our sleeves.
So…. keep an eye and hear out!!!
All this week we will be compiling pictures, video footage, and whatever else is out there on the Internet about the party… so that means next week is the official week of the Something From Nothing Party Recap.
And it’s gonna be a good one.
But, whatever, today is now and now we gotta focus on what is going on today.
This week we are looking ahead, looking back, and looking at the present. They don’t call us four eyes for nothing!

Looky looky:

1. If You Missed It. If you missed our party, we feel for you. We really do. And because we have so much sympathy for you, we thought the least we could do is give you a little teaser of what the recap is going to look like… we show off a few of our favorite pictures and videos just to tame that craving.

2. Phish Festival. Remember like… hmmm… almost 2 months ago or something like that I was jibber jabbing about Phish Festival and that the Coachella Valley Art Scene did something really super duper awesome there with a bunch of duper super awesome artists? Well, it wasn’t phony baloney. It was the real deal! I have been holding back a recap for so long and I get to finally get it our of my system this week. It was like a kink in my neck that I have been waiting to get out…. and I thought this week would be the perfect one to do so.

3. Cha Ching. Need a Christmas present for the family or for the homie? Well, the CVAS is finally opening up our first ever online retail store!!! We are selling our first ever t-shirts that we designed and screen printed ourselves. Those lucky enough to get some at the party got them for a good deal at $7 a pop. Our online store will be selling the shirts for $10 ($2 for shipping). I’m looking for models, by the way. Please says yes if your a sexy beast.

4. Sounds of the Desert: 8 Bit Bandit. The Sounds of the Desert feature is a way for all of us to get a chance to listen to what all the musicians out there in the desert are currently working on. This week, the 8 Bit Bandit drops the chunkiest beats on his new blog.

5. Explorations of the Desert. The desert is famous for being a secretive place. Hidden gems are captured and featured in this photography exhibit….. AKA… you’ll like it.

6. The Happs. Who? What? When? Where? When? This week? Yeah, I got cha covered.

7. Commercial Break. My personal favorite.

8. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Happy Holidays everyone! Over here, we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas and we don’t celebrate anything at all, at the same time. However, we do like to celebrate life and celebrate the successful year that we have had…. so celebrate with us! Things 2 Do Thursday is all about that extra kick in the egg nog.

Thanks for spending another week with your CVAS family! Hope everyone had a great time at the party and we look forward to all sorts of future collaborations. If you are interested in working with us… just email me…