Yeah… sooo…

today is the big day!
New Years Eve!
And could it fall on such a beautiful full moon?
I mean… seriously.
Did you see the moon last night? It lit the whole desert up. It looked like sunrise at midnight. It was fascinating! And the moon wasn’t even full.
Tonight, though, tonight the moon will be full. And so will your champagne glasses.
For some, you will be toasting the growing pains of 2009 away. For others, it will be celebrating all of your success. But for most, we shall be toasting to the hopes of a better year.
Tonight, there are only a few organized parties going on…
From what I hear, many people are throwing some awesome house parties.
But, remember… don’t drink and drive. It’s no bueno to start your year off in jail.
Wishing you the best in 2010!
For all you grown and sexy people out there… Alf Alpha will be DJing at Space 120 in downtown Palm Springs. So… you KNOW what that means! Get ready to dance! We got a prediction that Golden Era Hip Hop and some other bangers are going to be in rotation. See ya there!

Dandroid, Caxton, Volsky, and Bolin, oh my! Red Barn it up, what.

Other NYE Parties of Honorable Mention (but no flyers):
*Los Mumblers! + Klyie Knight throw a pretty gnarly house party in Indio. Holler at the myspaces.
*Nuclear Youth throw a rager by the train tracks in Indio. Spooky! Hit the myspace for more info.

Everyone will be too hungover to party. No parties.



Local art show at Ace Hotel!!!! Show up or blow up!
January 7th
Thanks for spending the year 2009 with the Coachella Valley Art Scene! We had a great year. A lot of fun stuff happened for us! We became an umbrella organization under the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance. We got to do art at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. We got to do even more art at Phish Festival 8. We got to get to know a lot more artists. And last but not least… we got to throw a HUGE party and finally meet all of you on the other end of the computer.
Again, thank you for all of your support. You continue to inspire us.
Best in 2010,
The Coachella Valley Art Scene