If there is one email that The Coachella Valley Art Scene looks forward to every month, it’s the Palm Springs Green Scene‘s Newsletter.
Every time we open that piece of mail (via email, no need for print), we are filled with happiness. We enlighten ourselves and our imagination on all that Palm Springs and the rest of the Coachella Valley will become one day in the near future.
We learn all about cool programs going on all over the desert that reach out to EVERYONE. No matter how old or young, you are… no matter what your day job is, or isn’t… there is a way for everyone to get involved and do their part to better our community. And it’s not only about getting involved, but it’s about benefiting from getting involved as well! Imagine biting into that super juicy orange that you planted in your backyard or in your apartment complex. Or seeing your favorite locally-owned business stay open another year. Or see your favorite blog continue on for another year…. haha. Okay, well, you get the point.
Check out some of the articles that we found most interesting from their last newsletter:

The 3/50 Project

“Pick Three, Spend $50. Save your local Economy.”

“If you’re looking for a way to connect with customers in your community, you might want to take a peek at The 3/50 Project. A growing movement, 3/50 encourages consumers to choose three locally-owned businesses and commit to spending $50 per month in them. Noting the influence that this relatively minor action can have, the project gives individual consumers a clear, concrete activity that they can do to support their local economies.

By Bruce Watson. Read more

The Palm Springs businesses or interested parties on the 3/50 registry currently are :

About Town
Main Street Palm Springs
West Coast Properties, inc

City of Palm Springs Office of Sustainability
-all information taken from www.palmspringsgreenscene.com

If you could pick three locally-owned businesses to support, which would yours be?
Off the top of our head, some of The CVAS’s would be…
Epidemic Skate Shop
Fresh Out the Box
Eye Sk8 Shop
Luscious Lorraine’s
J Dee’s Landing
Space 120
Ace Hotel
M Modern Gallery
Revivals Thrift Shop
Record Alley
etc etc…

Food Gardens can be many things, but ultimately the purpose is to bring food production to urban areas. We believe that urban food cultivation can reestablish critical connections between humans and the environment and serve as a stepping stone for larger transformations in the way we eat, think, and live.
On top of it all, IT IS FUN AND MAGICAL to work in a garden and grow your own food (or a part of it)!

What’s the local Food Garden scene?

Well, it’s a poppin’. We all know that there are beautiful community gardens in Palm Desert, and others that side of the valley in their early stages : in Indian Wells the response by the public to the city’s application process is so overwhelming that the city is going to allocate garden plots on a lottery basis! The Palm Desert Middle School also has a school garden.

In the western part of the valley, food gardens are also sprouting up : the local chapter of Slow Food partnered up with Hidden Harvest in Spring 2009 to build The Dream Garden at the Agua Caliente Elementary School in Cathedral City. Teachers, parents and children all pitched it to make it happen. Take a look at the school’s garden website – it’s great.

in Palm Springs, Michele Mician, the City’s Sustainability Manager has big plans – a school garden in EVERY school, elementary, middle and high in Palm Springs. Raymond Cree Middle School has started a vermiculture and composting program with the students, to pave the way for the school garden project that is currently in the planning stage.
-all information taken from www.palmspringsgreenscene.com

and if you want to learn where to start, this is the place:

Grow Your Own Backyard Organic Garden Workshop
12:30–4:30 P.M. Sunday, Jan 31, 2010
Palm Springs

Information and registration details HERE.
Please contact geraldine@palmspringsgreenscene.com if you have any questions.

for more information on what’s going on green in the Coachella Valley and how to get involved, please visit: