In about two weeks it will be Valentine’s Day.

It will be the Doo Wop in the Desert on the night of the 13th.
It will be Modernism Week in Palm Springs.
It will be hectic.
So, for the time being, we are going to take it nice and slow. Keep it sugary and sweet. And short and simple here on the blog.
Using minimal and modern to our advantage, we hone down and focus on the events, people, places and things that are most relevant in today’s desert happenings. These things, however, just so happen to all be flashback and reference to… our past.
The mystery, the excitement, the thrill of it all.
Retro isn’t dead.
It lives in the most magical…. most mysterious…. most mystical plot of land in all of California…..
the Coachella Valley.
It also lives here, on The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog. Read on:

1. Doo Wop in the Desert. It’s two weeks away and we are super excited. We have been receiving a couple emails, asking us questions like… What should I go? Where should I go to buy my outfit? Where should I go to get my hair done? Where do I buy tickets? Etc etc etc…. all the fun stuff. Well, this week we answer all your questions! In the funnest way possible, of course. We wouldn’t give it to you any other way.

2. Headlines. If there is one thing that perks eyebrows and catches attention, it’s a bold headline. Especially one that isn’t scary. Well, my eyebrows have been perked all week as I find the Coachella Valley making it’s way into headlines on newspapers and magazines all across California. This week we share with you some of our favorite Coachella Valley headliners.

3. INTERVIEW(S): Evaro, Alf Alpha, and Iggy Photography. The Doo Wop is an event that is being hosted by The Coachella Valley Art Scene and held at Ace Hotel. We know it’s gonna be fun… but do we know what kind of entertainment will be there? The CVAS is in charge of booking the entertainment and we promise to not disappoint. This week we give you a one-on-one to meet our DJ (Alf Alpha), our live band (Evaro) and our photographer at our photo booth (Iggy Photography).

4. Epidemic’s Deck Art Show Recap. Last week the students at College of the Desert, DHSHS, CCHS, Desert Hot Springs Art Center, and a couple other schools battled it out for who had the sickest deck designs at Epidemic Skate Shop. I think you’ll be impressed with this one.

5. UCR, Palm Desert Campus. There are some really interesting documentaries that will be screened at the UCR-PD campus coming up that are themed around the concept of public art in the community. We are all over this one, and think you should too.

6. Tour de Joshua Tree. The Ghost Channel, Epidemic Skate Shop, and the Coachella Valley Art Scene are gonna go on a bike ride. In Joshua Tree. And we want to invite you to come along with us. No real plans, ya know…. just pack a lunch, meet at Epidemic at 8am on February 21st, and then we all drive up to Joshua Tree to bike around. Of course, in the midst of all this I will be blogging my heart out and Johnny 5000 will be freezing us all in time. Maybe Rey from Epidemic will be filming? guess you’ll have to go to find out.

7. Art Shows a Go Go. There are some upcoming shows around the desert that look mighty interesting! We link you.

8. Explorations of the Desert. This week we choose a photographer from the desert who enjoys capturing snap shots from here and there… all around the desert. Check back in for this one.

9. Commercial Break. Skate videos, throw backs, randoms, intentions, the unpredictable, the predictable…. those are our Commercial Breaks.

10. Randoms. You never know what will pop up on the Internet that I will feel compelled to share with you. So keep an eye out!!!

11. Things 2 Do Thursdays. When all the world is in a “tiffy”, there is one thing that you can always count on every week…. and that my friends is your Things 2 Do Thursdays post on the Coachella Valley Art Scene.

Thank you for spending another week with your good friends at the blog! We appreciate your support, your criticism, your joy, your despair, and everything in between. Write us and let us know what you think! We look forward to meeting you at the Doo Wop! Until then….