Last week we introduced you to IGGy, the photographer for the Doo Wop in the Desert. This week we introduce you to a place that really needs no introduction, but we don’t care, we’re gonna be ruthless and introduce you again.

As you might have noticed, we are throwing our Doo Wop in the Desert event at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, California. And we aren’t just having the event there… for like… uhh… no reason. No way. That’s not our steelo. No, no, no. There is logic to our madness, in everything we do, every detail that we check off.
So, why Ace Hotel, you ask? Well, because we don’t just see Ace as a hotel. We see Ace as an interactive art space (one that you can swim, party, and crash at). If you take the time to look deeper you will see that it is a space where art is recognized and celebrated. It’s where the artists and the fans of art come to chill. It’s where we all feel comfortable. It welcomes new ideas and has opened it arms to the community. And we dig that. Because, that’s the future.
Ace Hotel is not unique to Palm Springs. There is an Ace in New York, Portland, and Seattle… you know, all the cool cities. Glad we’re on the map. So anyways, each city has it’s own network of artists, and I gotta say that Palm Springs has a mighty fine list of good-doers:

+ MICHAEL SCHMIDT, a clothing, jewelry, and interior designer, hung a macrame installation in the lobby.

+ NINA GARDUNO of Freecity screenprinted custom bedcovers for the guest rooms.

+ ROBERT LEWIS designed “love lights” for the guest rooms.

+ THE DATE FARMERS made a site map for Ace Hotel & Swim Club, and painted a trailer at The Commune.

+ ALMA ALLEN turned wood side tables and stools for guest rooms.

+ CLARE CRESPO and ALICE LODGE made a diorama in the lobby.

+ MARGO VICTOR painted a mural in the Amigo Room and made the architecturally inspired motifs scattered around the grounds.
– info taken from their blog,

We got turned on to Ace Hotel when the Date Farmers were first asked to do the site map and trailer. We tagged along that day, before Ace had even opened, and knew that it was going to be a hit and be a place to lead Palm Springs to revival.

So, come months later… we had an event coming up and thought we’d ask the guys who were on the top of our list if we could get down on an event and they were down. And that’s how the story goes. The fairy tale ending will be told on February 13th at the Doo Wop in the Desert party. Be there for the drama of it all. 18+, $10.

Speaking of collaborating with Ace Hotel, one of our favorite magazines, designers, cell phone covers, etc. etc. curators, Arkitip, recently did a little number with Ace in their latest issue…

Arkitip asked Ace’s Alex Calderwood and John Jay of Studio J to curate their latest issue, X: Mark of Collaboration. It’s made up entirely of creative alliances between artists and innovators. After you look at this selection of pages and pictures of John and Alex working on the issue, you might want to get one. You can do that here.” –
Get all architect-ually intellectual with us at….