When planning a big party, one must take the music selection into heavy consideration. If it is a party in which there will be a DJ, the person organizing the event and booking the talent better make sure that their DJ is on point. Reason being is that the DJ can provide you the best night of your life, if and only if his/her music selection is perfection and the flow is smooth.
SO!, With that in mind, it was hard decision when choosing the perfect DJ for the Doo Wop. Just as it was picking the perfect band, the perfect photographer, the perfect venue…. the perfect theme. I was looking for a DJ who could really take all the party-goers back in time for one night, while at the same time, keep the party pumpin’ and the dance floor packed.
Who else could I, would I, turn to but the Coachella Valley native, DJ Alf Alpha.
DJ Alf Alpha is one of the most eclectic DJs that I know. I’ve seen him rock all sorts of parties. From indie rock shows, to large art gallery openings in LA, to DJing at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, to electro dance parties for Nylon Magazine, to opening up for the GZA at Space 120, to sold out hip hop shows (with upcoming artists, Speak and Pheo) at the Glasshouse, to backyard house parties for some good friends on a Sunday afternoon. Each show is a success and it’s fascinating to watch him demonstrate his musical knowledge and understanding of people in such a technical art form that is often overlooked. And he’s done all of this before turning the tender age of 26 years old.
When I approached Alf Alpha about this idea for a Doo Wop, I knew he had never done something like this before. But I had so much faith in the kid, I knew he was the one. I thought this event could be the best challenge, the funnest challenge, that he has yet to take on.
The result? Of course, Alf Alpha was down to the rock a Doo Wop.
So, I am now proud to present and introduce to you, DJ Alf Alpha. Someone who I highly respect, admire, and can guarantee you a great night out on the town.
Without further ado…. I present…. DJ ALF ALPHA…

Name: Rafael Lorenzo Lopez
Artist Name: Alf Alpha
Astrological Sign: Virgo

So, I wanna know, how many vinyl records do you own?
I would estimate about 6,000+ records.
And when did you start collecting all these records?
I stated collecting records in 1999.
What inspired you to become a DJ? When did you first discover this was your passion and that this is what you wanted to pursue in life?
I love music and I really enjoy discovering old and new music. I got into DJ culture around 1998. My friends and I began collecting House and Hip Hop mixtapes. My love for music inspired me to buy a pair of belt-driven turntables in 1999. I began DJing parties in high school. While attending College of the Desert (2002), I sold my car and bought a pair of Technics turntables with the money. I’m still using those same turntables today. I won’t say DJing is a profession that I “pursued in life”. l DJ because I love music and love sharing music with the world. I consider it one of my many hobbies.
Tells us a little bit about the Doo Wop genre… the sound… the vibe? Doo Wop is a term referring to Rock & Roll music from the 1950’s and early 1960’s. This was an very exciting time in American popular music. The invention of the 45 rpm single allowed music to become more accessible to the public, especially teenagers. Teenagers stopped listening to the parent’s music and started listening to Rock & Roll. The idea of becoming a “rockstar” was creating during this period. As a result, “rockstars” began influencing American Pop culture with their new fashion, hairstyles, and cars.
You are known for being Alf Alpha, a party rockin’, golden era hip hop laced DJ, what do you think will be the greatest challenge/the most fun about exploring an entirely different genre for a night?

As a DJ, I enjoy being eclectic. I don’t like to be tied down to just one genre of music. I love researching music and sharing it with the audience.
What is your favorite record from this era that you own?
I own an original copy of James Brown’s “Cold Sweat” LP. The recorded was handed down from my mom. She used to get down.
What should we expect this Saturday?
My set for Doo Wop in the Desert will feature music from the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s. The first hour will feature the best of 1950’s Rock & Roll. The second hour will feature the best of 1960’s and three hour will feature the best of 1970’s. You can expect to hear some Chuck Berry, James Brown, and some Michael Jackson.
If I want to check your music out, book you for my next party/show, how can I get in contact with you?

(Alf Alpha with his good friends the Date Farmers)

Note to self:
Alf Alpha has a weekly gig here in Palm Springs, CA.
He DJs every Friday at Space 120 (120 e Palm Canyon Drive in Downtown)
It’s free to attend, all must be 21+
We are looking forward to dancing with you at….
for more info and bookings: