The Secret Matisyahu Show at Space 120
written by: Andy Lara

The day was Sunday, February 21st, 2010, the night before, I had received an invite to attend a super secret show at Space 120. I asked a few friends about it, but they thought it was a rumor or some kind of hoax.
Apparently an artist by the name of Matisyahu was scheduled to perform at 10am. I thought it was a strange hour to throw a show. I thought to myself, is anyone going to be there? Is this just some evil plot to lure me out of bed and drag me to Palm Springs? I decided to disregard my skepticism and just go for it.
Still hungover from the night before I arrived in downtown Palm Springs. I suddenly realized I had never really seen Palm Springs during the day. It was like an entirely different planet. There were people having ‘breakfast’ and doing vintage shopping and doing cool daytime stuff. Normally, I’ve only ever been in Palm Springs at night, where anything goes and drunk people rummage from one bar to the next. I felt like a tourist.
Nevertheless, I walked up to Space 120 and discovered that there several people waiting in anticipation of Matisyahu’s performance. I came to the conclusion all the people here were either hella alcoholics, hardcore Matisyahu fans, or didn’t know what the fuck they were getting themselves into via not ever having heard Matisyahu’s music. I found myself associating myself with the latter group.

With my throbbing headache intact, I ushered myself to the bar and ordered myself a Mumosa aka Champagne and Orange Juice. It seemed to be the drink of the hour. Except for this one particular man who was ordering shots of patron at 10am!!1!1!!! It was surreal.
A few minutes later, Michael Reyes aka singer from Soul Opus took the stage. He played a few of his original songs, kind of soft acoustic stuff, gave me the feeling of hanging out on a beach in hammock. It was a nice warmup for Matisyahu. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
Then Matisyahu took the stage and suddenly I was speechless. Accompanied by a guy with a cool haircut playing an acoustic guitar, Matisyahu sang these soft, peaceful songs about love and compassion. It seemed to really connect with the audience via everyone clapping and flashing their digicams. It was almost kind of a religious experience. It was as if Matisyahu, through his music and hella epic beard, transmitted a message of brotherhood and unity to the audience. He played about 4 or 5 songs one of which was a Bob Marley cover and through these songs I felt a connection to him.
He seemed like a really genuine guy and definetely proved to be so in the meet and greet succeeding his performance. We snapped a pic together and I told him his music was hella rad. It was a neat experience.
That same afternoon, I added him as a friend on myspace and he accepted me.
All is well that ends well.

Live Footage from that Sunday Morning at Space 120:

Youtube videos submitted by MuzzikLvr