Hey everyone! We only have Small and Mediums left!!! So get ’em while the gettings good.
The limited edition (yes, we will be doing another issue, we just don’t know of what yet) The Coachella Valley Art Scene t-shirts are going for only $10.00 each.
$2.00 for shipping.
The back (bottom) of the shirt reads, “a blog about my hometown”
They’re cute, okay.
So cute that even this rap star is wearing one. If that isn’t legit, then I don’t know what is. And by the way, Cashius Green, thanks for twit pic-ing this photo to us.

To purchase your shirt, please visit:

*featured in the top photo is Cashius Green (an upcoming MC from Moreno Valley)
**featured below are the charming couple, Grace Portillo and Tommy Guerro. Photographed by the other lovely couple, Adam Moore and Luisa Ortega

to look as cool as Cashius Green, Grace & Tommy, click here: