Written by: Alex Callego

“Have you chosen, or are you compelled by a lack of choice?”

Society has always had some sort of fascination with predicting the future. Where will we be in five, ten, or twenty years? Planning things in order to get to something close to what we predict yet we always want more. Katy and Chuck had big plans but they couldn’t have predicted their departure from J Dee’s. I didn’t see it. I think all of those close to the workings of J Dee’s were stunned. As a music community how do you choose to move forward?

Some choose the apathetic route. Calmly weaving their way through, not caring about the ramifications of what such a loss can mean. Others angrily voicing their opinion, wanting to do as much damage as possible. Me, I chose to accept what has happened and move on. I was angry, not for very long though. As a member of The Ghost Channel, I saw it as a sign. A good sign. A sign pointing us in the direction we need to go.

I’ve been a big fan of Joseph Campbell for quite some time now. As you’ve probably heard the saying before “it’s the journey, not the destination”. The journey is different for all of us. For Michael Durazo of Slipping Into Darkness, maybe it’s more shows out of town with bands like The Growlers and The Entrance Band. For J Dee’s itself, I don’t know. Maybe they can pick up the pieces and repair relationships. Maybe they could start having shows again. I know for a fact that it’s up for sale. For The Ghost Channel, we’re moving on. We’ve been working towards an all-ages venue. Still trying. It’s what the music community needs. The youth in the valley have been ignored way to long. They have a voice and want to use it. If we don’t give them an opportunity to use it they’ll just take their talents, go elsewhere, and make name for themselves.

You really can’t talk to long about the future. The future is uncertain and predictions get boring. All we can really do is forge ahead. Many of us in the community aren’t waiting around for something to happen. I feel that’s a good sign. To many people in the past would wait for someone to do things. For it to fall in their lap. I’ve heard stories about how even before the arrival of Chuck and Katy at J Dee’s, that place has had a tumultuous history of people getting burned. Maybe it is a good thing to close up shop and hand the keys over to someone with a different vision. Maybe not the vision we would all like to see but change is good. It keeps you from getting to content. But the future of the desert music community is in our hands and it’ll become what we choose to shape it into.

“I have chosen to never be tamed by a lack of choice” – doseone

Thank you J Dee’s for having been what you were.

The End.

* all word by Alex Callego

* all photos, except the top, by 5000 Photography