Allllll aboard!
It’s time to ride the train, the one that’s only going one way, to the Coachella Valley. And it’s never coming back.
For short, we’ll call it Coachella Express.
For long, we’ll call it The Coachella Valley Art Scene.
For now, we will hop on board and let it take us to where the pilot has planned.
This weekend the pilot is stopping at, and serving up, a heavy dosage of laced beats on Thursday night in Downtown. Friday morning, you’ll wake up where you last left off. Head will still be thumping, and naturally you’ll thrive for Alf Alpha’s set at Space 120. Come Saturday, if you’re still thinking correctly, you’ll have to make a big decision. Hop back on the Coachella Express and call that mystery number to be directed to a mysterious place in the desert where an extra large rave will be going on… or… carpool it up to escape to LA and support DJ Day.
Better make your decision quickly… ‘cuz we’re taking of in 5.. 4… 3… 2…

Friend. Pal. Me go. Amigo. Room.


don’t pretend like you don’t like to dance. that’s why they gave you two feet.
escapism… feb 27… can we say… ’tis the season for Pisces?

how can you not be interested in this party? a rave going on in a secret location in the desert. come on…

Hey everyone!! Thanks for all of your support. This week has been a big one, and we’re not even done yet. Big shout out to all the contributing writers that came through this week. I’m glad we got it all documented. If you want to send me a document, please do it digitally. The Coachella Valley Art Scene is a green friendly business. email me at: