Graffiti Car for Sale
only $500!

There are plenty of Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s, Lamborghini’s, and Ferrari’s in town… but very, very, very few cars quite like the Graffiti Car.
This ride is pretty infamous.
I got this car sale ad in my Inbox the other day and thought it was the best email I had received in a long time.
It’s sad to see the car moving on from Perry’s possession, and we all hope that the next person to take on the community graffiti car will do so with the same vision.
Check out the photos below to see some of our favorite artists who have contributed to the community graffiti car.
*and for all you Peaches fans out there, Peaches signed this car! That is good enough right there for the $500.
*and the CVAS blog signed it! ::crickets chirping:::

drawing by Brett Hess

Maya Kalabic!!!!!! She’s awesome. This adds like $400 to the value.

Jim Ownes did a lil’ number

Seller’s Statement:
“I have to sell it because I think it needs carburetor work. It does still run, just not very well at the moment. Tires are in decent shape. I recently replaced the spark plugs and fuel filter, changed oil.

These photos are from early February. The car is always changing: some of the pens fade, I remove things with rubbing alcohol or paint thinner, and people add new things using the pens attached…”

if interested, email Perry!

(p.s. Perry is a cool light installation artist himself. check out his new stuff this Sunday at Space 120 for the psychedelic rock show) ­čśë