The desert can be a very quite… very serene, place.
the desert can also be very loud… and very wild.
We go from one extreme to the other. In a seemingly calm manner, and we do it oh so naturally.
We’re real sneaky about it. And we pull it off well.
For proof, watch this weekend unfold beautifully right in front of your eyes, from calm to chaos.
All aboard. Hop on the train to the unknown, the mystery spot, the desert…

Mountains, palm trees, music, DJ Day. Oookkkaayy! (-lil’ john voice)
DJ Alf Alpha has been holding the fort down on Space 120 for months now!! There’s a reason for that – come see what it’s all about.
DJ Alf Alpha strikes again! This time with his close friends and muses, the Date Farmers. The Date Farmers are going to turn into art super stars, so come party with them one last time before they move to LA. The CVAS will most likely be on bar duty. So bring some tip money!!

The rave scene is not dead. It’s alive and well and all going down in Mecca this weekend. The location is crazy cool.
This is going to be ssssssoooooooooo dope. Please do your research. Look up All going down at Ace Hotel in the Commune before the PS X PS show.

Free. Poolside. 4p-7p. The best bands. The best people. Go.

Official after party to the entire weekend. Psychedelic craziness. Show up. $5. 21+.
Don’t sleep on Sunday. Don’t sleep on Sleepy Sun.
Thank you all, for your warm support during these chilly days. And yes, I consider it cold! If it’s in the 70’s, I probably have my sweater on. Okay?!?! Just kidding, kinda. No, but really, thanks again everyone for all the support, we truly appreciate the kind words. Email me your thoughts: