This past Saturday we waved good bye to Winter, to wool sweaters, to old ways, lazy days, the Date Farmers Art Studio and seclusion.
On Sunday the community celebrated the coming of Spring. We warmed up, welcomed new sounds, new sights, new venues, new friends and began to tip toe into our future together.
Spring time in the desert means something. It’s a definite change in degrees. It’s a new state of mind. It’s a concert nicknamed Coachella. It’s basically, fun 24/7.
This past Winter we planted seeds, and in this Spring season, we will see them sprout. A gradual blooming of something great, of course.
Naturally, this week peaks and pokes at the future…

1. The Last Date Farmer Art Studio Party Recap. So long… farewell… auf Wiedersehen … goodbye! It’s so bitterweet. But that’s okay, that just comes with the package. We Recap the party and we also look forward to covering the future Date Farmer Art Studio in Los Angeles. Which, of course, you all are in invited to.

2. PS X PS Party Recap. Some videos, some pictures, some text… that should do the trick! The show was nothing short of a success.

3. Sleepy Sun(day) Recap. Ryan Cartwright, member of a great Coachella Valley band, Dreamcatcher, will be recaping his night at Space 120 with a poetic monologue. The CVAS will be providing photos and video.

4. The Spring Equinox. What does that mean? What do you do? What should I do? All of the unknown is answered this week.

4. A C.O.D. Zine. There is a zine that came out at College of the Desert. It’s pretty cool. I’ll be posting some of my favorite pages from it on the bloggity blog.

5. Daddy Kev. Space 120 is killing it right now with their wide variety of music genre shows. A littel bit of everything, and we can definitely respect that. This Thursday they don’t miss a beat.

6. Commercial Break: Skate Sesh. I got a really good compilation of skate videos just waiting for the perfect jump off to jump off. This week they…. jump off.

7. Skate Contest. Speaking of Skateboarding…. there is a skate contest coming up that all you sk8rz should consider. Gather your best camera man, photographer, and homies and get teh job done. Best skate video wins.

8. Randoms. You never know what might pop up! So stay tuned in…

9. Things 2 Do Thursdays. There are a bunch of things going on around town this weekend… we promise a good time.

Thank you to everyone who has ben showing support and visiting the blog on the regular. We appreciate the love!! Let me know about something that’s going in your life. Email me: