DEMO: Badger Airbrushing Basics

Thursday, March 25, 5:00pm – 7:00pm

JUST ANNOUNCED, more information to come. This demo will cover the first things you need to know to get started, including what kinds of airbrushes are available and what to buy, how to use and clean your airbrush, how to prepare and apply colors, and some common applications of the medium. This demo is for people who have always wanted to get into airbrushing but didn’t know how.

with Robert Yancy


Use Art Colony’s space to make art, FREE!

Do you need a place to paint? Is your home too clean or too cramped for cutting loose your creativity?

The Art Colony’s 600 sq.ft. studio/classroom space is made for practicing art. We invite you to come use it for free. The Free Open Studio is a relaxed, communal setting. When space permits, and when there are no scheduled classes or events in progress, you can bring your supplies and just do your thing.

No sign-ups are necessary, but please call ahead to check availability: 760-568-4056

Easels, tables, chairs and a sink are provided for you. You are encouraged to bring food, beverages, music, and your friends.

for more info, please visit: